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Exercise bike

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The exercise bike or room bike is the most common tool for training, it is one of the most popular home trainers in homes because it can be used by the whole family, young and old, and does not require special precautions for the execution of the work out.

The benefits and advantages for the body due to training with the exercise bike are many, and we are not talking exclusively about keeping fit, in fact a correct and constant exercise with the exercise bike helps first of all to tone the muscles involved in the movement and above all to favor and improve the blood circulation, also useful for aesthetic purposes for example to counteract the hated cellulite.

In this section ProduceShop offers you a line of design exercise bikes characterized by technology and comfort, suitable for those looking for excellent performance and wanting to achieve great results without sacrificing the comfort of a sturdy structure.

The effort can be adjusted according to different intensity levels thanks to manual and electronic mechanisms, such as the integrated screen that allows you to constantly monitor your training with data relating to time, speed, distance, estimate of calories burned, also with sensors hand pulse placed on the handlebar you can detect heartbeats.

And for those with space problems we offer the range of folding exercise bikes, the most popular for their simplicity and practicality because they can be easily folded after use, taking up very little space.