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Bestway 53052 inflatable kiddie pool with aquarium theme

Bestway 53052 inflatable kiddie pool with aquarium theme
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Bestway 53052 is an inflatable kiddie pool with a magical aquarium theme, with inflatable animals, slides and games to play. 

Manufactured in multilayered vinyl for a safe, durable and lasting product, this inflatable toy from Bestway is latest innovation in its collection of products for children. As reliable as enjoyable, this aquarium themed kiddie pool shows and incredibly detailed and creative design, with all sorts of inflatable sea creatures made into toys and accessories. The removable slide is shaped like a hyppo, the octopus is actually a ring toss while the fish and dolphins are there to simply create a magical atmosphere. The inflatable starfish on the other hand turns and is actually a support for a hose and turns into a water jet! 

The vinyl employed in its manufacture is a high quality fiber that provides durability and reliability ensuring that this pool will last years in perfectly good conditions. Magical, fun and durable: you won't find a better value for money. The slide is removable and secured to the pool through appropriate cable and rings, while to install the water jet you only need a water hose to insert in the inflatable starfish. 

With our best price guaranteed on our selection of all the latest summer products from Bestway we try to deliver high quality products for your kids' fun and yours satisfaction. 

Technical Characteristics:

  • Model: Bestway 53052
  • Measures: 86 x 206 239 cm
  • Weight: 3,98 kg
  • Includes: removable slide, ring toss, support for water hose, ocean themed inflatables
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Data sheet

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)
3.98 Kg

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Bestway 53052 inflatable kiddie pool with aquarium theme

Bestway 53052 inflatable kiddie pool with aquarium theme
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