Chemicals for swimming pools

Water is the main element of a swimming pool and as such requires proper maintenance and constant care. Cleaning the water in a swimming pool is an essential aspect that affects aesthetics as well as ensuring the health of bathers.

To obtain clear, healthy and sanitized water, it is important to use the right chemicals and use the correct dosage. Products such as granulated chlorine, trichlor tablets, anti-algae, flocculants and pH correctors, effectively prevent the formation of algae and limestone that could give a cloudy and greenish appearance to the water while also preventing the formation of bacteria that can harm to bathers and ensure a long life of the pool.

Our chemical products for above-ground and in-ground pools offered are available in pre-dosed kits and different formats, convenient and easy to use, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing an always optimal treatment and maintenance of the water. Each single product in our catalog is characterized by excellent quality and guarantees excellent results, in addition to properly cleaning and extending the life of the pool.

Rely on high quality products for your pool; only this way you have the reassurance of swimming in a perfectly sanitized environment, safeguarding your health and that of your loved ones in the best possible way. Without forgetting that at the same time you can guarantee a long life to your system.

Take care of your pool, browse our online catalog and discover each of our products in detail.

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