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    Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools
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Intex 26378 ex 26376 XL Ultra Xtr Frame Above Ground Pool Rectangular...

£ 1,889.95 £ 2,289.95
Out of stock

Intex 26368 ex 26362 Ultra Xtr Premium Frame Above Ground Rectangular...

£ 1,479.95 £ 1,849.95
Out of stock

Bestway 56623 Power Steel Above Ground Rectangular Frame Pool 956x488x132cm

£ 2,049.95 £ 2,449.95
Out of stock

Bestway 56471 Frame Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool 671x366x132

£ 1,049.95 £ 1,349.95
Out of stock

Bestway 56671 Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool 488x244x122 cm

£ 1,219.95 £ 1,559.95
Out of stock

Bestway 56456 Power Steel Above Ground Pool Rectangular

£ 819.95 £ 989.95
Out of stock

Our vast selection of above ground pools, inflatable pools, inflatable SPAs and accessories, is a collection of everything fun and relaxing for you to enjoy a beautiful summertime within the privacy and comfort of your own garden.

Our proud selection of pools and accessories offers the best choice of high quality above ground pools on the market. Starting from our Easy Set models, which can be installed and enjoyed in a matter of minutes, these are the ideal solution to not waste time while kickstarting your relaxing summertime. Our Inflatable SPAs are a luxurious and affordable product line that will allow you to enjoy an warm bath within the privacy and comfort of your own garden.

Our selection desn't stop here! Our frame pools, the best above ground pool system, are made of steel and high quality PVC; highly durable and resilent, some of them offer a nice external decor for added elegance.

Pool accessories are a must have to ensure good working order of your above ground pool or inflatable SPA while maximizing the pleasing feeling that comes bathing under the sun. Chlorinator systems, filter pumps, sand, ladders, covers and much more, are all there to add value to your pool.

The best above ground pools come already fitted with a bottom sheet, a cover, a filter pump and the safety ladder, the fundamentals to properly enjoy and maintain your above ground pool. Pool lights, water warmers, special filter, water jets and cleaning systems; all that can be added to your pool will be found in the specific section of our website.

Come find out all we have to offer in our range of above ground pools and inflatable SPAs. Everything you need to create yourself the summer you always wanted can be received in just a few days! Easy to install and affordable, above ground pools are the perfect product for summer.