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Everything for Indoor Cycling: Cyclette and more


Too many people think that cycling is exclusive to outdoor training; ProduceBlog instead wants to tell you a little more

The Cyclette is often considered a mere replacement for the bike, used occasionally (when not as a hanger-on) as an evening distraction. Indoor Cycling, on the other hand, can be a world to be discovered; so let’s see what the ProduceShop catalogue can tell us.

Space-saving adjustable home fitness room exercise bike Sebes
Space-saving adjustable home fitness room exercise bike Sebes
Mini fitness pedal stepper legs buttocks hips cellulite Heviz
Mini fitness pedal stepper legs buttocks hips cellulite Heviz
Air bike cross training exercise bike resistance fitness Visby
Air bike cross training exercise bike resistance fitness Visby
Room-saving folding exercise bike 2in1 fitness backrest sensors Conseres
Room-saving folding exercise bike 2in1 fitness backrest sensors Conseres

When we talk about Indoor Cycling we are literally talking about ‘cycling at home‘.
Now, no one is advising you to organise gymkhanas and races between the living room and the bathroom, let’s be clear; we are talking about a whole series of fitness activities that can be carried out in the comfort of the home, with the help of a cyclette, an air bike or a spinning bike (in this case, however, we go a little beyond the narrow concept of indoor cycling).

Of course, as with any fit discipline, we need the appropriate equipment.
Who else but ProduceShop, with its always up-to-date catalogue, could advise you on the best equipment? First we read up on how to train and how many types of training there are, then we rush off to discover the best models!

light cyclette indoor cycling SEBES LEONARDO FITNESS
Sebes Space-saving Adjustable Home Fitness Exercise Bike

Let’s get into the details: what is Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling refers to all those activities in the large fitness family that simulate pedalling on a real bike, but without moving the bike (and therefore without moving).

It is obvious that this is a substitute for classic cycling for those who cannot carve out time for rides and loosening up; moreover, it is ideal for those who want to keep fit without leaving the comforts of home (and sometimes specific medical reasons may come into play). In addition, for those who also practice road or circuit cycling, training with an exercise bike or other indoor support is a good, simple and quick addition to the usual training.

The training simulates a real road race, in which you can adjust all the parameters on the indoor bike to increase endurance and difficulty; in this way, at any time of year, in all weather conditions, you have the possibility of a complete training session, monitoring all the necessary details.

Normally, a training session is divided into warm-up (to avoid strains or sprains), actual training (with a progression of difficulty) and unloading. For those who, on the other hand, use a cyclette just to burn a few calories, the table is certainly less strict, but no less constant and effective.

spin bike indoor cycling ATHLETICA LEONARDO FITNESS
Spin Bike Spinning Fit Bike Professional Flywheel 10kg Athletica

And then there is spinning

Different from the classic indoor biking workout, spinning has been gaining popularity in gyms and homes for almost 30 years.
Unfortunately, it is not enough for you to have the best exercise bike: you have to get the best spin bike.

It is a fitness activity that originated in the United States in 1995, part of the many disciplines that make up indoor cycling, but not strictly assimilated. Originating as a group cardio discipline, it requires the specific use of a spin bike in order to carry out complete and effective training sessions. We are talking about series of aerobic exercises, either followed by a teacher or carried out independently, which include variations in pedalling and more; the environment is also very important, both in the group and at home, which must have music and lights suitable for complete immersion in the session.

The benefits

All fitness activities are a panacea: they help us live better and bring enormous benefits to our bodies. Among the various benefits we can gain from indoor cycling, but also from regular, simple cyclette-training, are:

  • large amount of calories burned, and thus control of body weight;
  • development of muscle mass, with a focus on legs, thighs, buttocks and abdominal fascia;
  • improved joints;
  • increased fluidity of movement;
  • improved cardiac and cardiovascular activity, with benefits for the heart and circulatory system;
  • improved respiratory activity, breathing mechanics and benefits on the lungs;
  • release of beneficial hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and adrenalin.
  • noticeable decrease in stress levels due to the release of tension.

Now we just have to discover the best cyclette and equipment for spinning and indoor cycling from the ProduceShop catalogue!

What are the best exercise bikes, spin bikes and air bikes for indoor cycling?

  1. Space-saving Sebes exercise bike

    A compact exercise bike, which needs no praise because it already presents itself as the top of its category: the Sebes from Leonardo Fitness is the perfect intersection of maximum functionality and smart savings. Few elements concentrated in a small volume, but leaving nothing out; adjustable saddle, difficulty selector, integrated computer for measuring heart rate and training prameters, elegant and compact design. Do you have a good reason not to take advantage of this?

    light cyclette indoor cycling SEBES LEONARDO FITNESS
    Space-saving Adjustable Home Exercise Bike Sebes
  2. Conseres folding exercise bike

    A perfect example of the “home bike” concept, the Conseres by Leonardo Fitness is the perfect exercise bike for those who want to carve out a few hours of fitness at home, but without renouncing organisation and tidiness in their space. Complete with all the necessary functions, it can easily be closed at the end of the workout for convenient storage. Steel frame, belt drive, handheld sensors for heart rate detection: these are just some of its interesting features. You will discover the rest when you take it out of the box.

    Indoor 2in1 Fitness Space-Saving Folding Exercise Bike Backrest Sensors Conseres
  3. Air Bike Visby

    Visby is a compact, innovative cross training exercise bike with air resistance, suitable for practically everyone, which combines the best of a traditional exercise bike and elliptical in an extraordinarily effective way, providing complete, efficient and functional training sessions. The 50 cm fan with radial blades provides the necessary resistance while pedalling to burn calories and tone the body, while still adjusting the intensity to the desired level. A step up from classic exercise bikes, this air bike stands for strength, endurance and high performance, all guaranteed by ProduceShop.

    cyclette air bike VISBY LEONARDO FITNESS
    Air Bike Cross Training Cyclette air resistance Fitness Visby
  4. Athletica Spin Bike

    The modern and elegant design of the Athletica makes it suitable for any room in the house, with clean and essential lines; the steel frame, as well as being strong and compact, makes it easy to move, also thanks to the two wheels. Finally, the digital display is the perfect companion for every training session, allowing you to monitor your progress and progress. A not inconsiderable aid for all spinning enthusiasts, for complete and functional sessions even at home.

    Spin Bike Spinning Fit Bike Professional Flywheel 10kg Athletica
  5. Spin Bike Minerva

    A home alternative to the big professional models, the Minerva is the perfect aid for enjoying all the benefits of spinning. Perfect for burning calories, keeping fit, toning up different muscle groups, and stimulating the cardiovascular system, it also improves the quality of breathing and reflexes. Equipped with belt drive, silent and with adjustable intensity with the knob positioned under the handlebar. As always, only the best from Leonardo Fitness.

    spin bike cyclette MINERVA LEONARDO FITNESS
    Spin Bike Spinning Fit Bike With Professional Flywheel 8kg Minerva

All in the saddle and ready to pedal! Discover now all the best for Indoor Cycling on the ProduceShop catalogue: cyclette, Spin Bike, Air Bike of the best brands, at the most interesting prices on the web!