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ProduceShop: We Are Green

we are green

Sustainability means Responsibility

Since the creation of our e-commerce platform, we have set ourselves the goal of using only sustainable, ethical, ecological and intelligent solutions, promoting low-impact practices, healthier lifestyles and responsible choices.

We are green, and we always support innovation and new technologies to lower the impact of production as much as possible, replacing chemicals with natural substances and investing in research towards eco-friendly solutions. To promote responsible behaviour within our company, we have established 15 rules, generated from a reflection on the 3 aspects of our daily working life.

Attention and care towards daily actions at the office

Waste and rubbish are synonym with environmental negligence; that is why we expect our professionals to behave in an ethical and responsible manner towards our ecosystem, by promoting and encouraging them to sort and separate waste. Paper, glass, plastics and organic waste are each destined to their specific container.

In this field, we wanted to intensify our efforts by greatly reducing the amount of plastic that is consumed by our employees, by phasing out all expendable materials. We gave each of our employees a steel, reusable water bottle, preventing more than 1000 to be discarded from the previous year; to reduce waste even further, we switched to fully recyclable single-serving coffee capsules. These methods have helped our employees to be more aware of their impact on our planet.

Paper-free practices and Digitalization

We also focused on reducing paper waste, by diverting most of our previously printed communication to digital. We now manage to keep printing to a minimum, reducing paper waste, ink pollution and machines maintenance, fully embracing modern communication technologies.
When working in common spaces, hygiene is very important. We switched to cloth towels that further reduce paper waste and electricity costs.

Being conscious about our energy consumption

Switching to renewable energy sources to reduce the impact on weather and pollution is another big step our company has taken. 

Sustainable transport is the ideal and smart choice to be more efficient and faster. We strongly believe that new technologies and innovations, when combined with a good ethics, can make a big difference; individual behaviour has a huge impact on general awareness towards greener living.

To achieve true integration of sustainable transport, we believe that an incentive towards the use of new technologies instead of old ones must take place. Our company is always trying to encourage the use of more sustainable means of transport: from carpooling to the use of an electric bike, we can all make a difference that has a global impact.

Green ICT: a successful choice

Green ICT is a term that is used to describe a whole range of processes that promote sustainability; it’s a broad concept that is not just specific to those manufacturing computers and peripherals, but to anyone who uses technology. At a time like ours the use of low-impact technologies is crucial; which is why, at ProduceShop, we use a range of ultra-efficient computers, energy-efficient LED screens and make an extra effort to modulate heating and air conditioning for a reduced and optimal energy consumption.

Being conscious about the impact of our sales

One of the advantages of a digital business like ours is the evolving customer experience. Speaking in terms of delivery, transparent and efficient logistics system is crucial for anyone dealing with an order flow like ours.

That is why, with a green mindset, we have implemented all new digital communication solutions, such as virtual conferences and meetings, to improve the lives of our employees while optimizing performances. One of the main factors affecting logistical and distribution pollution is the truck transport; we have worked hard to be able, through meticulous planning and strategic engineering, to reduce the number of transports, opting for efficiency and optimization. We also rely on a network of selected manufacturers who share our green vision and are completely focused on reducing the impact of production.

This green logistics approach has allowed us to build a smart distribution plan, significantly decreasing our carbon footprint while increasing profits. Another major pillar of our green dedication is the massive use of recycled and regenerated materials. All these environmentally friendly measures effectively define our business approach with our customers, and also increase their overall satisfaction.

Natural resources, recycled materials and smart packaging

Through innovation, we are committed to protecting our planet, making an effort to consciously use available natural resources through a long process of optimization of production and distribution. As a specialist furniture manufacturing and distribution company, we actively participate in the manufacture of FSC-compliant indoor and outdoor furniture with a high percentage of recycled plastic. Our aim is to promote awareness of the need to stop waste production by encouraging the use of recyclable and recoverable raw materials as a viable source for the manufacture of new products.

A sustainable policy also involves packaging; it is considered one of the biggest enemies in this battle to protect the environment, immediately becoming waste after a product is delivered. Our intelligent packaging policy revolves around the use of minimum-use boxes that are all made of paper and cardboard recycled several times over; it is an innovative concept that significantly reduces waste.

We Are Green: not only a motto, but a serious commitment