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How ProduceShop shipping works


There is an idea we care most, it is transparency.
That is why we decided to tell you this story.

The shipping process of an order often remains a mystery to many customers. How do we manage your parcel? Who will deliver it? Do you have any specific question? ProduceShop is the first E-commerce website explaining step by step your order shipping.

Not everyone knows how an order is processed after it is confirmed by the customer; reading hundreds of pages of code on a screen is nothing exciting, anyway. But it feels fair to us that those who have chosen us know how we manage the dispatch of their order. It is not only a matter of transparency and reliability, it is to show the commitment and care ProduceShop dedicates to every customer. And also it is something new, because you never stop learning: let’s read about how shipping works!

produceshop shipping
ProduceShop Shipping

Chapter 1: Ordering

When you order a product on ProduceShop, first of all the systems identify and enter the time of the order. This may seem trivial, but it is essential information. All orders placed before 2pm are shipped the same day. It is useful to remember this information when you need to make a gift, or want something with a particular urgency.

Delivery times may vary depending on the addressee. Foreign orders usually take an extra day, so between 24 and 72 hours. It very often happens that the order arrives a little earlier than expected, thanks to the great efficiency of our couriers and systems. So you don’t have to wait to enjoy your product – not bad, is it?

Chapter 2: Logistics

Our logistics systems are fully automated. This means that the management of delivery and the carrier selection are meticulously calculated by a well designed system. And that’s not all: before leaving the warehouse, we verify and check (this time in person) that every single parcel is intact, well-packaged and fully compliant with all relevant regulations. At ProduceShop, we care so much about the perfection of your order, and we love to think about the amazed look on your face receiving a product with nothing less than a perfect packaging.

As a business decision, we have also decided to pursue the ideals of sustainability that ProduceShop has always supported since its birth. We rationalise all shipments so that as few trips as possible are necessary. By grouping shipments according to destinations and timeframes, we make sure that as few vehicles as possible leave the premises, reducing emissions and pollution; we are also studying a whole range of eco-sustainable alternative delivery methods to reduce even more the environmental impact.

We rationalise all shipments

Chapter 3: Delivery

As our shipments arrive all over Europe, we have decided, for each country, to choose the best local carriers on the market. We based on statistics regarding speed, reliability and accuracy. In this way, all our products are delivered on time and as agreed, leaving the end customer with a perfect sales experience and, we would suggest, to be repeated.

Of course, we don’t forget to provide you with all the tracking data for your parcel, so you can always be updated on the status of your shipment. You can always monitor the arrival of the courier, and make sure of the condition of your packaging; in case of any unpleasant situation, we have a customer service team available and well prepared to deal with all your needs.

Chapter 4: Costs

Sorry to disappoint you (it happens sometimes!), but this chapter will be very short.

By company policy, out of fairness to you, we have chosen to ship our products free of charge. This is because, for each order, we choose the most appropriate promotion to reduce delivery costs. And thus give you a quality product that is always convenient.

In short

We would summarise the characteristics of our shipping process in 4 key words:

  • Smart: automation and computerised management of orders and rational sorting of deliveries
  • Green: careful selection of processes to make each delivery as low impact as possible
  • Fast: fast shipping and delivery times, with amazing performances above the national average
  • Easy: simple shipment tracking and customer service always available
produceshop shipping diagram
ProduceShop Shipping: our diagram

If you don’t believe our words, we challenge you: place an order from our catalogue and see for yourself the truthfulness of our story. You will not be disappointed!