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    Wash basins and sinks for hairdressers

Wash basins and sinks for hairdressers

Wash basins and sinks for hairdressers
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Portable shampoo unit for hairdressers and professional hair washing...

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20 Disposable kimono aprons in TNT fabric for hairdressers and...

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When we go to the hairdresser, in the clear majority of cases the first treatment takes place with the washing of the head, for this reason, it is essential to have a wash unit that is suitable for the intended use and that satisfies the customer's comfort requests.

In order for hairdressers to work effectively, and at the same time for customers to have a pleasant experience, we have thought that it is necessary to have a practical, flexible and adequate solution for every occasion:

in this regard, in order to provide an all-round treatment that makes the customer more satisfied, in the following section you will find portable wash units made with high quality materials, suitable for all those who carry out their business at home or provide assistance to people with disabilities , to simplify their work and to promote their well-being experience.