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Tables for dog grooming

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Those who love to take care of their four-legged friend, literally showering love and attention, know well that regular grooming is a serious commitment.

In these cases, the purchase of a folding and transportable grooming table is a solution that can help you take care of the health and appearance of your pet. Whether at home or in a professional salon, a grooming table is an excellent work point as it allows you to quickly and easily position your dog for a complete wash, a nail trim and a nice coat brushing , allowing maximum comfort for you and for him.

Despite the low weight, the structure of our grooming tables is stable and solid, so that even the largest animal breeds can be supported. The top has an anti-slip and scratch-resistant surface and is equipped with a protective aluminum edge; both the top and the edge are easy to clean and make the table suitable for the care and cleaning of your four-legged friend.

After use, the grooming table can be folded in a few simple steps so that it can be transported with absolute ease and finally stored without any encumbrance until next use. The noose arm is included with the grooming table, which can be adjusted in height by means of a screw clamp, in order to keep your friend in complete safety for the entire time of grooming.

Do-it-yourself grooming is no longer impossible!