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Table with 70cm round folding top in steel for outdoor bistro bar Skladan

Table with 70cm round folding top in steel for outdoor bistro bar Skladan
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The Skladan folding table is AHD's space-saving solution, designed to meet the needs of those looking for a reliable and long-lasting table that takes up minimal space when not in use.

Skladan is a highly practical and versatile folding table, equipped with a tilting mechanism integrated under the tabletop, that allows it to be opened when needed and then closed again to facilitate storage. Very useful for optimizing spaces, the table has essential shapes for a reduced visual impact, with a particularly stable 4-foot central leg and a 70 cm diameter round top finished in stainless steel that gives unparalleled strength and durability as well as being easy to clean. Once folded, the table top can be stacked vertically and placed along a wall to minimize clutter and thus facilitate daily cleaning. Sturdy but also light to carry, the table weighs about 10 kg and is also resistant to bad weather, UV rays and salt so it can be placed in the garden, on a terrace, by the pool or on a balcony without fear of damage thorugh atmospheric agents. The design is linear and modern so that it can be integrated into any type of outdoor furniture. Of course, it can also be used indoors for breakfast, lunch or simply for a snack or drink.

Functional, practical, durable and capable of withstanding intensive daily use, the Skladan folding table is recommended not only for all corners of the house, but above all for furnishing commercial activities such as bars, bistros, hotels, hotels, lounges. restaurant, pizzerias, wine bars and in general public and private hospitality venues.

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Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 70 x 76.5 cm (diameter, height)
  • Closed dimensions: 48 x 111 cm
  • Weight: 10.9 kg
  • Round top in MDF with stainless steel finish
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant waterproof top
  • Central leg base with 4 feet with excellent stability
  • Space-saving design with top with integrated flap mechanism
  • Folding table for easy storage
  • Once closed it can remain standing without the need for support
  • Suitable for commercial and residential spaces
  • Ideal for domestic or professional interiors and exteriors


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Table with 70cm round folding top in steel for outdoor bistro bar Skladan

Table with 70cm round folding top in steel for outdoor bistro bar Skladan
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