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Suitcases and Trolleys

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Any trip, regardless of destination and duration, always requires a minimum of preparation before departure.

The choice of suitcase relates to the type of travel you intend to undertake, the means of transport that you will use, what you want to bring with you and your habits and preferences: a vacation on a tropical island , a business trip or an adventurous tour all require different types of equipment, clothing and accessories.

Dimensions, weight, ergonomics are fundamental elements to consider when choosing a suitcase or trolley, while design and color are important too, especially for those who pay attention to style and look.

The convenience of the trolley has long replaced hand transport of suitcases: all our suitcases feature a practical system with four 360 degree swivel wheels to allow you to move your luggage even in situations that are not particularly comfortable, such as in train carriages, subway stations or crowded airports.

Using a trolley to take with you on board in the cabin of the plane is an excellent idea, especially if you are planning short-term trips, such as for business or holiday weekends where you don't have to resort to large suitcases.

For longer stays, however, it may be useful to have a complete set of suitcases available, consisting of two or three basic models, which includes a cabin trolley, ideal as hand luggage on the plane, and one or two suitcases of larger dimensions.

Nowadays most suitcases are made with technical materials known for their high resistance and very long life, such as ABS, that can withstand not only bad weather and temperature changes but also the inevitable knocks and drops that the suitcase takes when handled by airport crew.

Traveling around the world is not only efficiant and organized travel but also the joy of carrying something beautiful that feels your and reminds you of home.

For those who have made travel their lifestyle, in this section you will find all our new hand luggage offering, perfectly compliant with the standards of the airline companies and ready to face any type of travel.

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