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Single and Double Mattresses

Single and Double Mattresses
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Small Single mattress waterfoam 80x190x26cm with removable cover Premium

£ 234.95 £ 314.95
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Single mattress waterfoam 90x200x26cm with removable cover Premium

£ 259.95 £ 339.95
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Small double mattress waterfoam 120X190x26cm with removable cover Premium

£ 279.95 £ 369.95
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The mattress is considered to be the real heart of any bedroom and you must therefore pay attention when choosing it. ProduceShop offers various different models that are characterised by type of structure, materials and cover fabrics.

Our mattresses offer uniform support for a comfortable and restful sleep. Among the most appreciated qualities of these mattresses are their elasticity, resistance and strong antibacterial properties, which make them particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Our selection of mattresses respects the highest production standards and only features models free of toxix substances to ensure a 100% safe rest. Moreover, the choice of 100% Italian materials is a further guarantee of the quality of the products offered.
Each mattress is designed with specific ergonomic and technical features to optimally respond to any physiological need during rest. 

Tired of sleeping badly? We offer you a wide range of mattresses that can adapt to your body weight and position, with a completely personalised support to guarantee the perfect sleep experience.