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    Ping pong tables


Ping pong tables

Ping pong tables
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Complete Table tennis table 274x152,5cm professional indoor outdoor...

£ 629.95 £ 759.95
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Professional folding table tennis table 274x152,5cm with balls paddles...

£ 529.95 £ 639.95
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Table tennis or better known as ping pong is one of the most popular sports in the free time of adults and children.

At home, every moment is good for a quick game of ping pong, in the garage or cellar, in the garden or in the courtyard, but to play with it you undoubtedly need the right sports equipment: rackets, balls and above all a table of the right size, equipped with a net. and built in the most suitable material to ensure maximum game fluidity and great resistance to time and bad weather.

On our site you will find the best ping pong tables that meet high production quality standards and are selected exclusively to satisfy every price range and need. In addition to the large models intended for professional or competitive use, you will in fact find models for domestic use suitable for leisure time or to be installed in a hobby room, therefore indoors, or in the garden such as those for outdoors, equipped with wheels to move the table more easily and with a reclining system to take up very little space at the end of the game or to train alone on a single half of the table. This makes it possible to play at any time, even without a gaming partner.

Finally, to ensure the right maintenance and make the table last longer, you will have a series of universal covers available to keep the table in excellent condition when not in use, in this way you will keep the quality of the game surface unchanged by the agents. external and for many years.