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    Modular metal shelves

Modular metal shelves

Modular metal shelves
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Shelf with metal racks 150x70x30 cm 5 racks 950 kg Element

£ 152.95 £ 222.95
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Metal shelf with racks 160x80x40 cm with 5 shelves 950 Kg Element L

£ 154.95 £ 224.95
In stock

Metal shelf racks 5 shelves 180x90x40cm 950 Kg Element Xl

£ 159.95 £ 229.95
In stock

5 plastic shelves capacity 100 kg home warehouse closet 70x30x175cm Plasty5

£ 169.95 £ 199.95
Last ones in stock

Plastic shelf 4 shelves capacity 80 kg home warehouse 60x30x133cm Plasty4

£ 159.95 £ 189.95
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Stark has designed and built a line of shelves, for individuals and companies, that areperfect for organizing tools and utensils in an orderly and practical manner.

Stark metal shelves are designed and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure a robust, durable and stable product. They are built to support heavyweight material without affecting the stability and strength of the structure.

The line of shelves includes different sized models that are great for multiple applications; all our shelves can be assembled both vertically and horizontally, to allow customers with reduced space efficient and tidy storage.
Choosing a Stark shelf means relying on an innovative and efficient company, able to understand a customer's needs and distribute professional products at competitive prices.