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Lockers and Cabinets

Lockers and Cabinets
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Office metal cabinet with 2 doors 90x40 H180 document holder with lock...

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Good organization of spaces is essential in every work environment as well as in public and domestic environments. In these circumstances, the use of lockers is an almost obligatory choice and finding the right model for your space and environment to be furnished becomes just as important.

Metal cabinets are the ideal technical solution to take advantage of every inch of space, width and height, to order, store documents, clothes, objects and much more. Thanks to a wide range of products to choose from, it will be possible to organize different types of environments, from the operational one of a company to the common areas of a sports facility.

By allowing the optimization of spaces and guaranteeing order, metal cabinets represent the right solution to meet the most diverse needs and in any circumstance. Changing room lockers, for example, are designed to organize small spaces and store clothes and personal items in a safe place within the work environment, the gym or wherever needed. With these practical lockers it will be possible to change clothes to wear work or sports ones directly on site without leaving anything unattended.

The lockers available on our site have different features and functionalities that often add value in certain sectors. All versions of cabinets available are built with first choice materials such as to make them robust, impact resistant, suitable for frequent use, with the right capacity and easy to sanitize.

Our locker models guarantee the safe custody of personal items stored inside them thanks to the locking mechanisms secured with key and cylinder lock. In addition, to ensure total safety, some metal cabinets offer a three-point lock as an option, in which locking also takes place at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet.

We have lockers for small and large budgets. The design, material and appearance of the models we offer give you the possibility, for example, to integrate a filing cabinet into an existing office furniture series or to complete the office set-up through a functional and safe solution. .