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Garden showers

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The outdoor shower is an extremely functional element that is particularly useful in the garden.

It is often placed near a swimming pool to allow everyone to be able to use it without having to cross the house and is used to cool off during hot summer days and to remove chlorine from the surface of the skin immediately after a good swim. The outdoor shower is an accessory that can also be installed on the lawn or under a porch, providing a comfortable place to wash outdoors and in total freedom.

Our proposals for garden showers reflect multiple tastes and needs, are made with high quality materials as well as with different shapes and sizes, and thanks to their contemporary design they represent a refined and elegant plus suitable both outside a private house and a professional environment. In this section you will have outdoor showers that can be integrated into any type of open space, streestanding models equipped with hand shower, practical foot washer, with solar collector and also removable showers, to be used occasionally, so that they can be easily moved where best desired, all equipped with double connection to the home water system to allow you to have hot or cold water at any time of day and in unlimited quantities.

Modern in design and useful in everyday life, among the outdoor showers of our collection the solar showers stand out which, through the rays of the sun, allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the shower at any time independently and without cost for heating the water. , as, thanks to the storage tank, they do not require any connection to electricity.

Many of the products offered here are Made in Italy and the catalog includes outdoor showers with classic and refined lines, simple or more modern and colorful, but always with an excellent quality / price ratio. A wide range of garden showers carefully selected to offer you exactly what you are looking for.