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Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x190 Ares

Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x190 Ares
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The world changes quickly and with it, domestic spaces also change. As you know, apartments are no longer what they used to be, and there is an increasing need to have at least one guest room available. What if you don't have room or space, how can you provide for your guests? We have already thought about it, starting today you can count on the new Ares folding bed!

Having a folding bed at home is always useful for unexpected occasions, especially when a friend or relative knocks on the door with a surprise visit, especially if you have a small house with no extra dedicated room.

It's impossible not to appreciate the extreme functionality of our Ares folding bed: practical to move and easy to arrange, it is a piece of furniture that will not just seem useful but actually necessary.

This cot is to be considered a normal bed, with the added advantage that it offers the possibility of optimizing spaces by folding it in half in a matter of seconds, allowing for easy storage and space saving.

The Ares camp bed is not only foldable but also portable: at the base of the round tube frame, on the central legs, you will find 4 wheels that facilitate movement, effectively eliminating the need for lifting.

The frame of the Ares camp bed is made of metal which makes it light but extremely sturdy; placed on the comfortable slatted base there is a comfortable hypoallergenic polyurethane 7cm high mattress that folds easily with the entire structure of the bed so as to be transported from room to room without efforts; once closed, the camp bed can be placed in small spaces, like a closet, to facilitate storage and always be ready for use.

Having a bed literally at hand is a good compromise, it is a very useful solution ever for when your children invite their friends to spend the night over; also great for students or in general, for those who own, a room in a shared apartment, where they try to make the most of every corner of the house and make the most of it in order to satisfy the desire for comfort.

It's time to optimize! Visit our online site now and choose the folding bed you prefer among those available in our catalog, they cost less than conventional beds and you can enjoy a practical extra bed without having to spend a fortune!

ProduceShop only selects the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of olny distributing items capable of fully satisfying the needs of its customers.


Technical features:

  • Folding mattress dimensions: 80x190cm (width, length)
  • Folding metal structure in round tube with a diameter of 25mm
  • 4 folding legs with 4 wheels on the central legs
  • Network of 12 birch slats
  • Mattress height of 7cm
  • High quality solid color fabric


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Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x190 Ares

Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x190 Ares
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