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    Electric scooters

Electric scooters

Electric scooters
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Electric scooter 250W foldable LG 36V battery RKS G48

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Electric hoverboard 6.5 inch wheels 350W self-balancing motor with LED...

£ 279.95 £ 319.95
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The electric scooter is an eco-friendly, handy and fun means of transport that is winning over many people. Convenient, fast and simple to use, it is fascinating to both young and old; adults are increasingly replacing cars and motorcycles to move around while respecting the environment, saving useful time and also doing some healthy movement.

The electric scooter is the technological version of the old push model that we all remember. The modern version, however, does not require continuous pushing since it is a small electric motor that causes the scooter itself to move after starting. Once you try it, it's really difficult to go without it as the benefits these scooters offer are undeniable. Just like the electric bicycle, the electric scooter is experiencing great success in the field of e-mobility as a valid alternative to the chaos of city commuting, becoming one of the most used means of transport within urban areas, especially thanks to its compact size. The advantages deriving from its use are many.

The electric scooter is designed to offer maximum comfort and practicality during use, representing a real resource for daily commuting, especially in large cities; this is in fact the main reason why more and more adults decide to buy one. It is usually used to travel short distances, for example from the workplace to the bus stop or the subway, it can be easily folded and brought aboard public transport, or be stored without any problem of encumbrance.

Lightweight, silent and decidedly simple to use, the electric scooter allows you to reach your destination quickly, with zero stress, zero fatigue and maximum fun!

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