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    Electric Mini Bikes for Children

Electric Mini Bikes for Children

Electric Mini Bikes for Children
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Mini Quad ATv electric 4 wheels for children Feber Brutale 12V

£ 379.95 £ 479.95
Out of stock

Mini electric Enduro Motorcycle for children Feber Motorbike Cross 6V

£ 239.95 £ 319.95
Out of stock

Electric vehicles have always been a dream for most children, an electric mini-bike would be certainly a most loved and desired gift.

By riding an electric mini-bike, children can in fact experience maximum fun during their daily games by spending a lot of time outdoors while learning to handle a vehicle controlled by them, emulating adults and immediately developing fundamental psychomotor skills like coordination, balance and perception of spaces.

All our models of electric mini-bikes for children are made with solid and resistant materials, designed precisely to allow children to freely have fun in total safety. All come with European certification in compliance with all the safety standards of products for children, in order to guarantee an improved playing experience and thus minimizing risks and falls. 

In addition to comfortable and safe components such as the ergonomic seat, the non-slip handlebar, the large footrest and the lateral stabilizers, our bikes also features fun options such as lighting effects and sound effects.

These electric vehicles do not require any particular maintenance other than recharging the battery using the included special charger.

If you want to surprise your children and gift them many memorable hours of pure fun while driving a miniature two-wheeler, just browse our online catalog to find a selection of electric mini-bike models that ideal for the fun of small motorcyclists at an excellent value for money!