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    Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces
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Recessed electric fireplace for modern living room LED 1500W Powerflame...

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The feeling of being in front of the classic wood-burning fireplace but without having to fight with smells and smoke and having to worry about cleaning the ashes and soot.

All this is possible thanks to our latest generation electric fireplaces, designed to satisfy the desire of those looking for a device capable of heating the rooms of the house and at the same time ideal for those who want a piece of furniture that integrates perfectly and gifts. elegance to the environment.

In an electric fireplace the flame is artificial and is generated by LED lights that illuminate the reproductions of burning wood logs, guaranteeing an extremely realistic visual effect. The entire system can be configured manually or through the remote control with which you can choose between different levels of heat, shades of light or deactivate the heating function to enjoy only the flame effect even in the mildest and hottest months.

Forget piles of wood and flues and discover our exclusive collection of electric fireplaces: the most practical solution to create a real eye-catcher and to enjoy a welcoming and warm atmosphere in any room of the house!