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Double mattress Memory Foam 23 cm orthopedic anatomic 160x190 Comfort M

Double mattress Memory Foam 23 cm orthopedic anatomic 160x190 Comfort M
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Rest is essential to face the day and the choice of mattress takes on a crucial importance in this regard: for this reason ProduceShop has selected for your night well-being the double mattress in memory foam 160x190 cm Comfort M, made with materials of exceptional quality and 100 % Made in Italy.

As important as it is sometimes underestimated, the mattress is in all likelihood our most faithful ally in the search for a regenerating and uninterrupted sleep. What are the characteristics that this support must have? First of all, it must evenly support the body weight and adapt perfectly to the shape of the silhouette. If these requirements are met, other decision-making parameters such as upholstery, height and materials take a back seat and vary according to personal needs.

Made entirely in Italy, the 160x190 Comfort M double mattress has a considerable thickness of 23 cm and its internal structure combines 4 different technologies to ensure the occupant a unique rest experience: in the upper and lower section there are two layers of memory adaptive foam that enclose a massaging level and a sheet of high-density water-based Eliocell Firm foam, a latest generation flexible and non-deformable material. Externally, the Super Touch hypoallergenic fiber cover and the 5D Super Air side band guarantee maximum hygiene and an excellent rate of breathability, an aspect that makes the mattress fresh and comfortable. Comfort M 160x190 has two important certifications that attest to its exceptional quality: it is a CE Class 1 Medical device (it is effective for preventing and relieving neck and back pain) that does not contain substances harmful to health (Oeko-Tex Standard 100).

ProduceShop selects only the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of distributing only items on the market that fully satisfy the needs of its customers.

Technical features:

  • Memory foam double mattress Comfort M
  • Dimensions: 160 x 190 cm (width, length)
  • Mattress height: 23 cm
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Orthopedic mattress: reduces the risk of back pain and joint pain
  • Degree of rigidity: 2/5 (intermediate, well structured)
  • Recommended body weight: <95 kg
  • CE Class 1 Medical Device: anti-decubitus mattress, complies with the standards set by the Ministry of Health and is effective for the treatment of painful back and neck conditions caused by incorrect posture
  • International Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification: certifies the absence of substances harmful to humans
  • Two layers of adaptive memory foam (2 cm thick)
  • The Eliocell Firm high-density water-based foam sheet evenly supports the weight of the body and adapts to its shape, ensuring optimal comfort
  • The composition of the mattress promotes transpiration and air circulation
  • Soft Super Touch hypoallergenic viscose lining for maximum hygiene
  • All the raw materials used are of high quality in compliance with current regulations
  • Warranty: 2 years


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Double mattress Memory Foam 23 cm orthopedic anatomic 160x190 Comfort M

Double mattress Memory Foam 23 cm orthopedic anatomic 160x190 Comfort M
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