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    Carriers for dogs and cats

Carriers for dogs and cats

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Whether by car, train, plane or any other means, the pet carrier is the accessory that will make the journey, whether short or long, more comfortable for your four-legged friend and certainly less stressful for you.

Fundamental when you want to travel and take your pet friend with you or when you need to take him to the vet, the pet carrier is the most comfortable and safe transport solution for all journeys. Depending on the size of your pet, many different models are available on our site, suitable for every situation and with different characteristics and designs. You can choose between models of rigid metal carriers, often recommended for larger dogs, designed to adapt to the size of different trunks and which allow you to travel in maximum safety; or foldable carriers, particularly flexible and not bulky, which can be assembled in an instant, ideal for transporting small or medium-sized dogs and which, if necessary, can be transformed into comfortable kennels to keep at home.

With our wide range of transport products, your four-legged friend can travel everywhere with you and always feel safe!