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    Ski and Snowboard carrier for cars


Ski and Snowboard carrier for cars

Ski and Snowboard carrier for cars
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Universal magnetic car snowboard ski carrier Shuttle

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Universal ski and snowboard rack for cars Iceberg

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Universal magnetic car ski and snowboard carrier Aconcagua

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Universal car ski and snowboard carrier for bars Yelo

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The winter period is upon us and for all snow lovers it's the ideal time to organize a pleasant family holiday or simple ski week.

Winter is the time for those who think that skis are an indispensable holiday companions, who think about loading their ski equipment in the best possible way by installing a convenient ski rack for cars on the roof of the car.

There are many models on the market, each made to solve the specific loading and transport needs of all types of winter equipment.

The one most appreciated by snow lovers who do not want to leave their equipment at home is undoubtedly the ski rack for roof bars:

this model can be easily and quickly installed on the roof bars of your car: it consists of two horizontal bars which, opening like a booklet, allow you to carry skis or snowboards. This rack is designed to be easily usable even when wearing snow gloves, as it is equipped with large buttons for opening and closing. This type is very versatile and can be installed by yourself, through fixing screws that accommodate the thickness and distances of the preassembled roof bars.

Much more immediate and simple to install is the magnetic ski rack, which literally sticks onto the car roof. Very useful for those who do not have roof bars, this ski rack adheres to the car roof by means of large magnetic plates, with additional safety is provided by the belt that anchors to front module of the car body.

Both models are available in this section, take a look and choose the one that best suits your needs. Happy sking!