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With the passage of time, modern technology has supplanted the fireplace in its heating function through more modern, efficient and ecological systems.

Hence the success of Tagu, the undisputed leader in the production of built-in electric fireplaces, perfect for those who want to experience the emotion of fire in a practical and immediate way, without having to deal with the classic activities (cleaning, maintenance, storage and fuel management) related to traditional wood-fired fireplaces.

The Tagu built-in electric fireplace has the particularity of being able to replace an old disused fireplace or be combined and used through decorative frames that can be installed on any floor and room in the house. Each type of frame differs from the others in terms of design and finish color to adapt perfectly to the style of your furniture and make the fireplace unique.

The patented LED technology of the Tagu brand makes the electric fireplace a suitable device for those who have little time to devote themselves to a wood-burning fireplace or simply want to experience moments of great atmosphere and relaxation immediately and with maximum comfort. The Tagu electric fireplace is super easy to install and the heating uses only a small amount of electricity to operate, has zero emissions and is highly energy efficient.

Among the fireplaces for domestic use, the Tagu built-in electric fireplace is undoubtedly the most ecological and convenient solution to enjoy a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

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