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Since 1977 alongside travelers, Ravizzoni is a historic Italian company that produces high quality suitcases and trolleys.

Who doesn't love to travel? Pack your bags, get on a train or a plane and find yourself in an unknown reality waiting to be explored: is there anything more beautiful? However, before leaving, you must have the right equipment: the choice of suitcase, although it is often underestimated, is a fundamental aspect to take into consideration. Obviously, everything varies according to the duration of the trip or the season of the year but, in general, opting for durable, spacious and functional luggage is the best solution.

The items that Ravizzoni has been offering for over 40 years are distinguished from those of the competition by virtue of above-average aesthetic and structural characteristics: all the suitcases and trolleys on this page are made with superior quality materials, to last over time and ensure maximum comfort during the hours spent on the road. Raw materials, colors, textures and details: every aspect is meticulously investigated by our internal team so that the final product can satisfy the most diverse needs.

Are you ready to leave with Ravizzoni?

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Trolley hand luggage rigid suitcase design with 4 wheels TSA USA...

£ 159.95 £ 229.95
In stock

Set 2 Trolley cabin luggage rigid suitcase design with 4 wheels Tsa Usa...

£ 249.95 £ 329.95
In stock

Set 3 Trolley cabin luggage rigid suitcase design with 4 wheels Tsa Usa...

£ 319.95 £ 409.95
In stock