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Officina della Cucina Italiana

Officina della Cucina Italiana (OFCI) is a leading company in the Made in Italy production of kitchen items in pure aluminum, with special and innovative non-stick coatings.

The brand emphasizes it's link to the Italian culinary tradition by putting passion, experience and young enthusiasm at the customer's service, through the creation of a perfect bridge between the different needs of a constantly evolving market, with advanced materials and new technologies, all with particular attention to user requirements, environment and eco-sustainability.

The high performance of the products is guaranteed by the special internal coatings which are characterized by the particular non-stick quality, ensuring healthy cooking in full respect of the consumer's health.

The wide range of OFCI products interpret the aesthetic ideal of elegance in the kitchen, combining the beauty of Italian style with product quality and practicality: the different lines adapt to various types of cooking, like the Magnetica line, consisting of pots in pure aluminum with magnetic steel bottom, designed specifically for induction stoves but which also adapts to all other cooking surfaces.

The Officina della Cucina Italiana product lines are intended for all families, and find space in modern kitchens and in more classic ones. They are made for those who love cooking and who do not want to give up practicality and well-being.

Officina della Cucina Italiana, the line of trusted and irreplaceable kitchen tools for everyday recipes.

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12-piece cookware battery set for kitchen induction hob Magnetica

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