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Caffè Carracci

More and more buyers decide to rely on Carracci to experience tasty, high quality coffee that will surprise even the most demanding palates.

Carracci is a leading and renowned brand in the production and sale of coffee: belonging to the Co.ind group, a company founded in 1961, this company is now recognised as one of the largest Italian coffee roasters on the market. This giant in the coffee sector, has expanded its business over time, opening and creating brands that act on their own like Carracci.

Caracci's blends are unique and special, perfectly balanced, allowing you to always experience the best from the italian tradition.

Caracci's coffee stands out both for the meticulous and careful selection of raw coffee beans and for the detailed and innovative production system, electronically controlled in every step. Caracci is able to perfectly combine and connect various factors such as culture, knowledge, quality, experience and above all the passion for coffee, thus creating and enhancing the real Italian coffee: the "espresso".

A dynamic and innovative company, researching and presenting different variations of coffee depending on the origin of the blends. Caracci tries to transmit emotions through its delicious blends with different connotations: bitter, delicate, strong, and soft, all with a refined taste and a precious aroma.

With Carracci coffee you will discover, in fact, the true flavor of the "espresso" coffee to be enjoyed at different times of day. Fast, short and intense, it will be your ideal break from everyday stress. The particularity of the Carracci blends is that each of them is inspired by a particular Italian city offering you typical and characteristic tastes and flavours, reflecting the culture of the area: you will experience coffee with a thousand facets, with the most precious aromas, able to satisfy even the most experience palates.

Made in Italy, roasted, grounded and packaged in the Castel Maggiore plant in Bologna, the materials used for the production of the capsules are excellent: plastic and aluminium both certified. Trust in Carracci and enjoy the taste of the real Italian "espresso".

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